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Green logistics

Grüne Logistik aus Niedersachsen

Green logistics strategies continue to gain importance. Its success is measured in terms of the volume of emissions a company can save and how much is saved along the entire value chain, irrespective of the method used. In 2015, more than 70 per cent of companies will be affected by requirements protecting the environment and resources. Niedersachsen also takes a leading position in this area.


Green logistics from Niedersachsen: leading the market


With its multimodal centres, the state is in an ideal position for implementing sustainable logistics concepts involving alternative modes of transport. Companies from Niedersachsen arealready the market leaders today in many areas relating to green logistics — for instance, Meyer & Meyer from Osnabrück, which is currently testing the use of electric utility vehicles for making deliveries to stores.


Helge Spies

Helge Spies
Project Management