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Niedersachsen: Gateway to Europe

As Germany's second-largest state, Niedersachsen stretches from the Harz region in the middle of Germany right up to the Dutch border and the North Sea. Owing to its central location in Germany and Europe, Niedersachsen possesses excellent geographical transport infrastructure and provides direct links to national and international highways. With its workforce of 250,000 in the logistics sector, and high-quality links via the nationwide network of logistics nodes, Niedersachsen is very well positioned for international competition.Niedersachsen has a dense network of seaports with its nine international seaports, each with its own transshipment expertise.

The Wilhelmshaven JadeWeserPort Container Terminal, where the largest container ships in the world are already being processed, is the only German deep water port on the Niedersachsen North Sea coast. The wide variety of cargo flows are managed quickly and safely by the 30 multifunctional inland ports, eight freight centres and a dense network of terminals for combined transport. Compared to Germany's other federal states, Niedersachsen has the highest density of freight centre locations. Direct access and connections exist to the main airports for air cargo in northern Germany.

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Niedersachsen will continue to grow in importance as a location within the spectrum of national and international logistics and goods flows owing to projects like the "Mega Hub" in Lehrte, or the JadeWeserPort container terminal in Wilhelmshaven. These do not just increase the efficiency of the logistics industry in Niedersachsen, but also reinforce the integration of the surrounding locations into the global network, hence increasing the quality of these distribution centres.

The versatile and comprehensive logistics expertise of international companies and optimal business locations in prime locations are some other factors that augment the profile of Niedersachsen as a logistics location. The economy in Niedersachsen is closely connected to world markets due to its large export volumes and access to an efficient transport infrastructure. In total, the mobility industry in Niedersachsen generates more than 190 billion euro, thus making Niedersachsen one of the most important mobility locations in Germany.

Niedersachsen is one of the leading centres for logistics-related investments. Numerous international businesses have invested in Niedersachsen in recent years and use the region to handle their European logistics. Around 1,000 logistics-related investments made in Niedersachsen since 2000 with an investment value of over seven billion euros underline the attractiveness of Niedersachsen as a logistics region,particularly for international investors.